Bamboo Cooling Bed Sheets Set

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Wake up feeling fresh with our cooler-than-cotton premium bamboo bed sheets. They are specially weaved for resort-style softness and designed to let your body breathe, so you’ll never need to kick off the covers again. Our silky sheets are crafted with bamboo rayon from the bamboo plant and hypoallergenic polyester microfibers, which naturally eliminate bacteria, wick moisture, and are luxe to the touch. You can expect long-lasting plushness, odor and wrinkle resistance, and extreme durability from our one-of-a-kind bamboo and micro-polyester material.
When it comes to the quality of bedsheets, the type of fabric matters far more than the thread count. A high thread count means tighter threads, which hold in your body’s heat and give your bed that suffocating damp feeling. Bamboo is one of the most breathable, stretchable, and lightweight fabrics on the market. It won’t weigh you down on hot nights and it will keep you cozy during winter.

100% Bamboo Cooling Bed Sheets Set Ultra Soft Luxury Deep Pocket Sheet All Size.

  • SPA-LIKE SOFTNESS:  Bamboo Bed Sheets are made from an irresistibly soft, naturally luxurious fabric blend; 40% Bamboo-derived Rayon and 60% Micro-Polyester, giving you the most comfortable, eco-friendly sheets on earth.
  • COOL & BREATHABLE: Bamboo bedding regulates heat making it breathable and cool, cooler than cotton sheets, throughout the night. (These Deep Pocket sheets also resist stains & wrinkles, so they look as good as they feel.)
  • NATURALLY CLEAN: These sheets repel odors and allergens as well as resist pollen, dust mites & even harmful bacteria. They're naturally Hypoallergenic!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Saves more trees, Bamboo regenerates naturally without pesticides or chemicals. It keeps our air cleaner and our environment healthier